Project about the sense of belonging even though you stand outside, outside what?

A cooperation with Gustavo Bentancor, instrument builder and musician and Duo Gelland, violins. With support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Tittytainment at Tegen 2, Stockholm february 17 to mars 12.

World disorder, sound piece for documenta 14, EVERY TIME A EAR DI SOUN. The work will be played in 8 countries around the world during the period of documenta 14, that takes place in Kassel, Germany and Athens, Greece 8th of april to 17th of september 2017.



The pilot study of Sounds as Language where finished in 2016, now the plan and financiation for the main-project started.

An expanded version of Tittytainment are prepared for the exhibition at Tegen 2, Stockholm in februari the 17th.



Candombeando,for stringquartet. Commission from Sundsvalls Chamber music festival, premiere in Sundsvall august 2015.

Tittytainment, a soundart project inspired by the book The Global Trap by Martin and Schumann, 1997. Premiere at Gallery Errant Bodies in Berlin the 5th of september 2015.


Sounds as language, a political school project, a first study towards a soundart-based material to be used as plattform for class discussions in Secondary School. The prototype that the project will develope will be presentated in june 2016.



Die vier elemente, a project in cooperation with children in the age 6 to 8 in Pettenkoferschule, Berlin where we developed material and made a soundscape and together with the pianist Juliane Sailer, Germany. It all resulted in a one hour long concert in combination with photos taken by the photographer Katia Liedle.



TRANSIT, a project founded by Statens Musikverk and a cooperation with Audiorama in Stockholm. TRANSIT involves

three composers: Ylva Bentancor, Savannah Agger and Hanna Hartman and the premiere where at Audiorama i Stockholm,

Sweden the 23 of august 2013.



WHEN PEOPLE GATHER, a copperation with Mike Majkowski, Double Bass and Gustavo Bentancor, Bandoneon.

This work had it's premiere at the Gallery Errant Bodies in Berlin, Germany in november 2012. The subject of the

piece are the sounds people make when they express a common believe. The question that likes to be asked is:

Who is listening?