Born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden

Educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm , diploma 1992-2000

Editor of Nutida musik (Contemporary Music) and founder of the web magazine Tritonus 2001-2005

Mentor and responsable for seminars in aestethics at the institution for conducting and composing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm Stockholm 2003-2005

For the rest of the time I've worked artistically with music, sound art, installations etc. in different projects.

Please look around, some of it you find here around!



Music for wild bees – a Creative school-project


Transit –


The Swedish arts Grants Committee,working grants -01, -10, -13, -15, -17, -20
The Swedish arts Grants Committee, Grants to composers producing commissioned works -00,-02,-04
Stim Scholarship –02,-03,-06,-08,-18

Composer of the year, Bergslagen chamber orchestra -04
Society of Swedish Composers Scholarship –10, –11, -14, -16,-19