Ylva - Gustavo

Nowadays we call our selves Duo Bentancor after years of cooperations. We both composes and share the interest for music/sound art, and working together being a couple, parents of two kids and married seems to be as natural as it can be. In this Duo we work with sound art/music in combination with home made instruments, bandoneon, chello, piano and what ever instruments we can use.



Gustavo worked as a musician for almost his whole life. He started with guitar, passed through chello, to bandoneon. Now he combine these instruments with new once that he make himself. To work with wood, metal and other materials came to it's peak when he started a bandoeon workshop during some years in Berlin, Germany. on side of restoring instruments he started inventing his own. For many years Gustavo were the head of the quintet Cosmopolitango that played Piazzolla, touring around in Europe. Today he combines the music with farming.

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Works and cooperations:

Lluvia, Gustavo sound art

Africa, Gustavo sound art

On bridges in cities with water, Ylva sound art/Gustavo instruments

When People Gather, Ylva Sound art/Gustavo bandoneon

World Disorder, Ylva Sound art/Gustavo instruments