documenta 14 eng.

A disordered world of sounds, a fantasy world based on sounds from places and situations recorded from all over the planet and then played as if these sounds were music. My purpose has been to excerpt the ordinary sounds of our lives and develop them, making the beautiful ugly and the ugly beautiful and turning everything around in order to show that this all could sound different—more interesting and imaginative, more scary but maybe also more hopeful?

Double Bass: Mike Majkowski; Self-made Instruments: Gustavo Bentancor; Trombone: Ivo Nilsson; Percussion: Jonny Axelsson; Voice: Johan Ehn, Sound sharing: Rikke Houd

Listen to a art of World Disorder here!

documenta 14 i Kassel och Aten april-september 2017.


12.04.2017 – Cannibal Radio, Athens

01.05.2017 – Vokaribe Radio, Barranquilla

21.05.2017 – RSI, Douala

04.06.2017 – RURUradio, Jakarta

17.06.2017 – SAVVY Funk, Berlin

24.07.2017 – Rádio MEC FM, Rio de Janeiro

15.08.2017 – WPFW, Washington DC

01.09.2017 – Radio Beirut, Beirut

15.09.2017 – Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Berlin

29.06.2019 och 19.04.2020

Sveriges radio P2 Musikmagasinet Klimat

Radiophonic spaces:

Local Harmonie, Duisburg Tyskland, kulturfestival i samarbete medf Deutschland Radio september 2017.

Uttaget till Space 21 i Irakiska Kurdistan 2020, framskjutet till 2021.