Forever Provisional


I have spent my life trying to get something that feels completely finished, perfect. Everything from a knitted sweater to children, houses and music, and to trying to change the world with political art. But it has not worked.

Im now 54 years old, and in the end I have realized that my pursuit of the perfect will never be realized, it will never happen. I will continue to surround myself with things that went a little bit wrong, with a lot of weak links.

It's okay now. That insight instead made me feel a certain horror about what a truly perfect life would have been like, suddenly it has nothing to do with what's really, really valuable. To invite friends to the perfect dinner, with the fine and expensive porcelain, the decorated table, the culinary food, the successful family, where did that idea come from if it is not very strongly connected with how far we landed from ourselves and reality, from what feels right, not what looks right?

The perfect thing happens instead when you least expect it; when you sit with the teenage son on the front stairs and share a coffee and you are filled with a feeling of happiness and belonging, even though the stairs are temporary and it's rain in the air.

On this theme, I have now started a project, Forever provisional, which will become two productions in the end: A large crochet, a form of grid pattern, and if you touch it, sound / music / stories should be heard, and a digital type of musical book production where the crotchets and their story will be presented with soundart/music. It will be the most beautiful book in the history!

These productions will both be presented by Tentakel Förlag, a sound art, text, music publisher.

The idea is that each crochet should contain a simple story about an ambition, or a message, a story if you like. It can be about an important event in life or an intention to crochet a special pattern, whatever you have to tell on the theme. And in the end - a result, perfect or not. Actually a unperfect crochet could be way more expressive? Thats my opinion.

I will crochet for life, and If you would like to contribute with one or more crochets, you are more than welcome! You can use old leftover yarn or whatever material you have or want to use. Write me some words about your work, your thoughts about it, and if you like to, attach a photo of you. Then you either send it to me at the address below (in Spain) OR take a photo of your work, attach a picture of you and your text and present it at the instagram-account connected to the projekt: Forever provisional.

When I have your stories I will compose the sounding part of Forever Provisional based on your thoughts that will be integrated in both productions.

And feel free to spread this to those you know who might be interested in you to join in and crochet ;-))

On this page I will update the process of the project and information about when its ready to be presented in what ever form. 

If youy have questions, please write me at this mail:

If you like to send me your crochet by post, send it to this address:

Ylva Bentancor, Pista de Fagundo 17A, 38789 Puntagorda, La Palma, España


January -22

Winter, even though this very place where I have been for the some time now felt like fantastic spring days. High and clear air, around 20 degrees, warm in the sun. Forever provisional has entered a new phase. The project will go out into the world and more people will hopefully hook up and crochet their thoughts, stories or ambitions. And in addition to the walls that are to filled with real crochets and sounded, Tentakel Förlag will publish a digital sound art / music book where all crochets are presented, with all the texts you have written and attached with your crochets. And we will go out on crowdfunding-land to see what will happen.

I will remind you that this project is a reaction to the perfect world you meet on social media, in advertising, your own failure when you can not really live up the perfect in a world that is anything but perfect.

And the beauty in refusing to live up to those expectations, the beauty of showing their weaknesses. These days, the project will be presented on Instagram. And I have so much resistance to force because I have not been on social media since a short time just over 10-15 years ago. But, now I'll be there soon, but now with Provisional Forever. So, that have to be OK ;-)

Coming soon with more info about the Instagram account where more crochets will be presented! Forever provisional!